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Project Title: Universe 647

Medium: VR headset, foam board plinth, print, video

Dimensions: foam board plinth 84 x 30 x 30 cm, print 84 x 119 cm


This is an artistic depiction of a mini-universe in the science fiction novel The Three-Body Problem. It is a gift from one character to his love, to stay inside and grow crops to avoid the collapse of the universe. Afterwards, she will go to a new universe, but what kind of mood would it be when faced with the disappearance of her home planet?


The moon is related to the memory of home in Chinese culture – for example during the Mid-Autumn Festival when the moon is fullest, people stay with their families. I built crops and plants in the watery moonlight to create a sorrowful and romantic feeling that humans might feel when the universe comes to an end.

It was exhibited in Lumen Gallery for 4 days.

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