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In a completely virtual space, when there is a point, the concept of dimension appears. From one dimension to two dimensions, three dimensions, and even four dimensions ... graphic design's limit is at the ideological level as it is higher than the concept of "visual and flat". These models with a heavy material texture give an individual a sense of depth and space. However, this "sculpture" merely lives in the 2D background of the picture. As a result, we can only put it in conflicted state among 2D,3D and 4D.



This was the scenery I observed on my daily journey to university while I was an exchange student. This journey was consisted of pool, bridge, grass and other features.


They were the ordinary aspects which I see every day, so I chose to depict them as the content of my work. I have reorganised them into the same picture regardless of the size and the distance. Three-dimensional objects with three-dimensional distance will seem different within the area of four-dimensional space. This is due to the addition of a dimension. 



In order to show that the various dimensions and details of an object in three-dimensional space could be observed in four-dimensional space at the same time, I decided to use the dice which is a six sided object and therefore allows us to see the greater dimensions observed in four-dimensional space. I put it in a six-sided mirror to show each angle of the object. This idea is somewhat similar to Cubism.

Four-dimensional person

How is the world of a four-dimensional person? Experts are creating an analogy with the vision of a there-dimensional person. Within this analogy it is imagined that a four-dimensional person would see something as a three-dimensional "section", and everything could be seen at the same time without order. To recreate this analogy I put the eyes on every corner of these ivory-towered creatures so that there is no difference between the head and the tail the idea is that they observe everything.


Still life

When I used to learn sketching, I  observed, understood and expressed things in a two-dimensional way. Now, my perspective of observing things changes. It comes to me that I can place the objects that I often depicted in a new dimension, reinterpreting their state. Meanwhile, the visual media of the viewers changes too these years: from the paper media to digital media. The new visual environment could bring a different experience to the audiences.

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