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My Dream, My Heterotopia 

Heterotopia is a concept elaborated by philosopher Michel Foucault to describe certain cultural, institutional and discursive spaces that are somehow ‘other’: disturbing, intense, incompatible, contradictory or transforming. Heterotopias are worlds within worlds, mirroring and yet upsetting what is outside.

Duration: 1.5 min


I tried different materials to reflect the images, different shooting angles, using my hand to move the hologram and so on.

VR version of the work was shown on RCA Wip show:

I consider my dreams as heterotopia. They somehow reflect reality, but I can only reach there though my thoughts and imagination.


One day I dreamt that the world was infected by a kind of virus, and there was grass made of steel appearing everywhere suddenly. When people touch them, they will be hurt.


A dream that I went to a gallery, there were different dead couples on the bed, being put in the same gesture and same position.

Liquid Cylinder

A dream that I put the noodles in a vat full of black water, and then it automatically made me squid noodles and put them in a bowl.

The Pool

A dream about I tried to rescue someone in a very large swimming pool in an amusement park.