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Exper(sc)ience (Experimental experiences) -Superbugs

with Olfa, Raf and Ken


The project aims to give audience some knowledge of superbugs and antibiotic in science museum. We have created a game that two players can become superbug or human beings and play against each other. To convey the knowledge we added introduction of scientific facts on the game cards.


In the science museum’s super bugs exhibition, people are standing far away from the text and did not read them carefully. We wanted to create a experience for people learning knowledge in a playful way and involved themselves in the exhibition.


There will be a screen showing and people can use their phone to access to to play the game. The rules are easy, basing on othello and the game runs around 5 mins (ends when all cards were played.) Besides, there will be a board game version that audiences could purchase.

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