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Since I was born in Beijing and grew up in Beijing, I love Beijing very much. Recently, government will close down industrial complexes and clean up all illegal small businesses in Beijing. Officials demolished many stores, market stalls and apartments, telling they would have to close down and move out. This is an effective way to develop the city.

I collected numbers of news reporting the relevant events in Beijing. Then I canceled the words related to “demolishment”. The content gradually decreased through pages, until a blank page appears in the end, which shows the same condition as the clean and tidy city. Also, my memory of the old Beijing might disappear one day.

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I made a module of brick as the container of the book, showing the theme of this book is related to buildings. 

Also, human activities are the bricks to build their culture, this event is also a part of China's history. It is inevitable that the city is changing and developing, but I hope to pass on my memory of the old Beijing.

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