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Not a Problem House


36Kr united Alipay to build a "small black house" in an amusement park, the house is called "Not a Problem House". It is an activity to promote the participation of "Ant Credit Pay"', which provides small loans to the costumers.


36Kr is a media focusing on new technology and Ant Credit Pay's main service is providing loan. There is a need to build an experience to let audiences feel about alipay's company philosophy and the magic of new technology. At first I just designed it visually same as the house's surface, and finally I changed it to a more suitable design.


Get into the house, put your hand on the interactive area and tell the screen: "what kind of life do you want?" , the house will then provide you with a mysterious gift. Whatever the difficulties and costs of accomplishing your dream, we hope that no difficulties can stop you from pursuing it. The videos are shown outside the house to encourage more people to participate.

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