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Memory Bank


This product is mainly for the elderly or those who may be suffering from Alzheimer's disease.


People have limited memory, so we are eager to have a memory chain which we can look at at any time to help remind our important things.



It is divided into electronic diary and scene reproduction. The electronic diary is a convenient view of the images or still photos provided by the elderly family members and then combed by the company. Older people can use their mobile app or computer to recover their memories by viewing the electronic diary. The scene reproduction is mainly realized by VR. We models the image in 3D to reproduce the old man's first-time perspective of what he had experienced to stimulate the nerves. This is also a way that is now considered effective in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

When I designed the app interface I tried to make it clear and bright for the elders to use, but in fact it is still hard for the elders to use a phone, so it is also designed as a service for elders' families to provide the memory.

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